Women In History Don’t Exist.

Women In History

When I went to school, way back in the day, I learned that women in history books, they don’t exists! Or any other books for that matter. Evidently it’s still the same. Books, films, performances, news, exhibitions or any media showcasing historical facts about women are still painfully scant. I lacked female historical role models, and apparently youngsters in school still do!

A Woman Had To Step Down!

Women In History

Queen Kristina, one story of too few women in history.


What I did have then was Jeanne d’Arc and Queen Kristina. But it totally bugged me that

  1. Jeanne was burnt at the stake and
  2. Kristina decided to abdicate from the position of queen to become a… catholic!

Today I regard both as trans gender. That makes it even worse! One of two role models commits suicide through her choice… “I rather die as a martyr, than stay in this lousy world where I can’t wear my pants…”  :-/


Not OK!

Not OK at all!!!

To me their decisions signaled that when a women does something important, sooner or later she has to step down or sacrifice herself. I felt cheated and frustrated!

Time To Highlight Diversity!

Why is it so important then to highlight historical women, lesbians, gays and trans identified?

Because when you’re not represented you don’t exist! When you’re excluded from the archives of history it’s difficult to understand that you too belong. And that you can contribute, on any scale, big or small.

When you don’t contribute you’ re missing out on yourself. And the world is missing out on you!

In the description of historical events, we rarely or never hear anything about the true role of women in history. They are most often described in terms of passive, or relegated to supporting roles. When a part of herstory/history isn’t told publicly we never get insight into how diverse the world is. The real world!

Who Decides If Women In History Are Important?

This is also a question of what kind of history is important. Kings? Battles? Years?

Who’s made those decisions for us? Who’s in power enough to tell us what is important for us. Important for me as a lesbian woman of color, for instance.

White, middle class, university graduated, heterosexual cis men are those in charge. And it looks like their only desire is to talk about themselves. Hence we need new voices speaking up!

Because what about art? What about social situations? What about racial aspects? What about trauma after the war? What about pain? What about joy? What about cultural clashes? All and more of those sink to the bottom, but are in fact as much history as anything else. Perhaps more when you desire to l e a r n about past days, lives and minds.

We all need role models. You and me, we do good by knowin there has been people like ourselves who have ruled, dreamt, fought, loved, invented and lived. Just as you do, right now.

6 Usable Links For Writers Of History Books!

Even though I’ve been researching the unknown history of lgtb icons and female forerunners for decades now, I constantly run into new breathtaking and amazing people!

  1. This is just one tiny list and a way to celebrate a young daughter.

    To Find Yourself In An Historical Context Makes You Fell Real, Confirmed And Less Of An Isolated Island.

  2. An article and list of North American and European women of note. No African or Asian though…
  3. 7 African women to remember. One is white, don’t ask me why. I know for a fact that a ton of important African women are left out of this list. (For those not knowing, Africa is a continent of 56 sovereign states, not a country!)
  4. Tips on 5 Asian Female Warriors.
  5. Another 10 Powerhouses!!
  6. My latest finding, that I stumbled over – today!

The list goes on and on. Let’s talk about them. Write about them. Ask questions about them. Brag about them. Feel horror about some of them too. But let’s stop denying their existence. It’s like denying ourselves and that has to stop!

Spread The Knowledge!

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Any cool women or LGBT folks you want to tell me about? Use the comment section below! What will it take to turn this around? Thanks! 🙂

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