Women Composers

Performing Music By Lost Women Composers

Where you ever curious about women composers? I was! For many years I wondered: Where is the music women composers must have created? We’ve painted, written, invented as creators for thousands of years. Reasonably there had to be musical work somewhere!

I found it. In amounts that to this day makes me cry. Songs, operas, symphonies, sonatas, trios, hymns, masses, marches. An endless stack of silent sheets. Playing their dusty music for deaf ears.

So much beauty. Such intensity. Sorrow. Joy. Triumph. Furry. Passion. Bitterness too…

Elfrida Andrée, Pioneering Musician

Female Composers

Elfrida Andrée 1841-1929

Right now while writing this, I’m listening to The Piano Trio no. 2, by Elfrida Andrée, 18. It gives me a lump in my throat. Such powerful expression, almost forgotten.

She was a Swedish composer born at the island of Gotland. A prodigy, creating her first melodies with small building cubes at age 2.

At 14 she was sent to the capital of Sweden since the organist in Visby Cathedral told her father, he had nothing more to teach her. She was ready for higher education of a standard only found in Stockholm. Just one tiny problem.

The Royal Academy Of Music did not allow those of the fair sex to attend organ classes, or work as organists in the church.

Hmm… Swedish laws had to change!

The story of how that was concurred is told in my recitals. As you can imagine Andrée was a “first” in many arenas.

Our Outstanding Musical History

Weirdly enough some people think women haven’t composed before. As if it is a modern phenomenon born out of women’s liberation in the 70’s. A profession without historical foundation. Nothing could be further from the truth! The German-English pianist, composer and conductor Mary Wurm compiled a catalog of nothing but women composers. That was about 100 years ago! She did this for one reason. The same I have with women composers today. To expose their music to a larger audience!

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A Review

“One of the most beautiful elements was Kerstin Jeppsson‘s lyrical expressive song, “When you close my eyes“. The expansive vocal lines were performed with a wonderful, fiery intensity by Stella Scott “.

Lars Hedblad Svenska Dagbladet, Sweden’s second biggest national newspaper

Doing Successful Concerts

Women Composers

Fanny Hensel 1805 – 1847

1996 and 1997 were two anniversary years for two largely forgotten composers. Clara Schumann (1819-1896) and Fanny Hensel (1805-1847). Inspired by this discovery, I began working with women composers works.

Since 1996 I’ve had a series of programs in different contexts. They have been greatly appreciated. I’ve done full-length evenings including intermission. And 15-20-minute lunch incidents. There are quite a few females on my repertory by now. :-)

I do what I can to always have at least one woman represented in my programs. I suggest a woman whenever I am asked to participate somewhere. I don’t care if it’s not up to par with Bach. Not many composers are, regardless of gender. Still you can rest assured, women’s compositions do well in the competition anywhere!

After A Church Concert

“The performance has two pillars: Musical skill as an obvious prerequisite. In addition, a commitment and empathy that makes the music, its history and composers, come close. A concert that highlights and touches. “

Daniel Eklund Clergyman

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Nothing Special?

Then you might think “women” is noting special any more? On the contrary! I have noticed that the interest has been very high over the years. And it keeps growing. Feminism is on the march and the cultural life of our society is carried largely by a female, middle-aged audience. Still she rarely gets confirmation through the programs presented.

Hence I’m always meet with curiosity. With questions and appreciation for showing a female heritage. I’ve seen tears in eyes and soft hands grasping mine, not wanting to let go. For exposing creatives, artists and geniuses while telling a story of validation.

My programs shows that women are really, really, I mean R E A L L Y good at writing music! Just as good as men. Sometimes better.

For me it’s not just about those who wrote the music. There is also an audience today, longing and searching for it. People like You and You have the right to hear it! Women demand more visibility in our society, in all sorts of contexts. This is my way to contribute.

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Watch my video where I perform Laue Sommernacht by Alma Mahler. You’ll get to know a few facts about her frustrating life too.

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