International Women’s Day Gives Me An Itch!

For every year passing I get more and more irritated with the International Women’s Day.

While living in Italy for a couple of years over the millenium shift I saw an odd custom. Women where being congratulated and given flowers. Especially mimosas were sold on every streetcorner, to bring home to the woman of your choice

As a man you were supposed to taInternational women's dayke your wife, mother, sister, grandma out for dinner or some other treat. I was appaled! I frowned! I frowned because for me it was a sneaky way to dismantel the unjust situation for women in Italy, and around the world.

Is International Women’s Day something to celebrate?

Nope! International women’s day is not  suitable for celebration, yet. At least not the way I saw it done in Italy. In my opinion it’s for directing the light on the unjust treatment as second class humans that we still encounter. For dismateling the suffering of women and girls around the globe. And It’s for creating positive change!

But what I see more and more is how it has ben turned into a meek event. Like a non threatening sibling to Valentine’s and mother’s day. Or, if we are lucky, perhaps even a meek week. What we get is:

  • Articles.
  • Speeches.
  • Concerts.
  • Seminars.
  • Perhaps a movie premiere.
  • A book release.
  • Interviews.

And then… Then everything returns to status quoe. And this is what gives me the itch. The inauthenticity of the effort. The token spotlight. The make believe and pretense that now, this time, it will matter. This time we mean it!

No One Is Going To GIVE Us Equal Pay!

Suffragists Inernational Women's DayYea right! Just as no one just gave us the right to vote, no one is going to give us equal pay. Or equal representation in movies or the boardroom unless we demand it. And above all, unless we particiapate in creating it! Together! All genders together! Regardless of where on the spectrum of women-man you feel comfortable. If any.

Women faught for the vote! They went to jail for the vote! They were humiliated and ridiculed for the vote! The thing is, we still are! It’s just ben given different names, if we are in the west (on this round globe…). In many other places around the world it is still the same. It’s still men telling women don’t want to vote, drive cars or have the freedom to decide how to dress. Still men knowing better than the woman herself what a woman desires in life.

  • Just as hetrosexuals know better than homosexuals.
  • Cis peopel knows better than trans identified
  • Whites know better than people of color
  • Etc…

There is a palisade of excuses, constantly repeated. It’s still men saying there is not enough female competence for the board room or the music prize. Men deciding women are not as funny as themselves, as intellegent as their male peers, or worthy of fair pay. It’s men saying it, holding everything up to a measure installed by – men!

Those sweet smelling mimosas are part of the manipulation and seduction into ” Let’s celebrate how far we have come!” Let’s not look at how infinitly far we still have to go. Let’s pretend this has to be given more time. Change shouldn’t happen too fast and people in general arent ready yet. And my favorite; equality has alredy gone too far. Too far? Equal can’t go to far. If it tips over to the other side it’s not equal. Simple math!

I don’t want one more International Women’s Day ever again. I desire an International women’s life, all year round!

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2 thoughts on “International Women’s Day Gives Me An Itch!

  1. Welcome here Felicia! 🙂 I think we are so far from equality that people don’t even understand what it is! We have never been there. It is truly virgin territory! And yes, that has to be explored by ourselves first. What is equality, for ME?

    Not so fond of that expression… The Swedish equivalent, Obruten Mark, is much better! 😉

  2. Equality is one of the keys to love and freedom. If we don’t have equality we will just face another illusion. We can leave the path of old brainwash that belives in these old hierarchys of opression, we can start with ourselves. Stella Scott thank you for giving light to hidden knowledge and for standing up for the femine aspect in every way!

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