This Is Stella

IMG_1755Hi! I’m Stella.
Stella Scott, The Human Rights Singer.

This site is for you whom

  • Identify as LGBT and/or woman, or have friends and family that do
  • Wonder: Where is the history of the lesbians, the trans, the gay, the women, the colored, the whatever and non identified?
  • Feel frustrated because you aren’t represented in the societal story
  • Have understood that feminism is about equality and respect for all, and has nothing to do with hate
  • Have an interest in history and the classic arts, including music ūüėČ
  • Feel curious about any of the above

If your heart said yes, or even “maybe”, anywhere on that list,¬† you’re in the right place!


The Fundamentals Of Human Rights Recitals

There is a void in our history books! A void to be filled with the accomplishments of women, LGBT people and the contribution we’ve made to society. In my musical work I do that! And some controversial stuff. I’m breaking the rules.¬†Stretching¬†the borders. Singing what makes me happy and telling stories usually untold in the classical arena. I go against the norm of what I’m supposed to sing. As a woman and as a voice type. My queer opera journey started when I stopped calling myself “soprano”. Instead I switched over to the generic “opera singer”. I left the fach system! I included “male repertory”. And I came out on stage as a lesbian, because I found it utterly, utterly important! Suddenly (Or not so sudden) I reached an age where I decided no one is going to tell me what to sing, whom to love or how to run my singing business!

Human Rights Recitals can be found here at the blog on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Patreon.

Stella’s Story

Born out of wedlock, to mixed parents. My mother was tall blond and very white. My father was tall, dark and very African American. Had I been born i USA that union would have been illegal and I would have been denied basic human rights. Of this I was very aware, even as a small child.

Mom was a single mom. On top of it she was the Erica Jong of Sweden. Some 15 years BEFORE Fear of Flying. A groundbreaking writer and a woman of scandals in other words!

Today I live in Malmö, Sweden or where I see fit in wintertime. Cold weather is not for me! In my free time I love dancing, reading, take part of other artists work, travel and exploring the spiritual parts of reality.

My curiosity is endless and everything I put my hands on I research extensively.

I also want to inform you about my ‚Äúspelling disorder‚ÄĚ. I hold dual citizenships (Swedish/American), and have the fortune to be bilingual since childhood.¬† But Swedish is still my first language. So hold your horses¬† and stay polite if you see unusual spelling or crocked grammar! I still have something useful to say to you.¬†;-)

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