The Danish Girl And Her Wife Gerda Wegener

Every One Is Talking About The Danish Girl!

But I intend to talk about her wife, Gerda Wegener.

The trans community is moving forward in strides, with the women as forerunners. (I have a coming post on that in the works) The movie The Danish Girl, with the remarkable Eddie Redmayne in the lead role, is ramping up this conversation. And it is about time!

And it is also time to get Gerda Wegener back into the lime light!

Gerda Wegener

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Here I’ve merged three paintings by Einar Wegener.

Einar Wegener was a very talented artist. His focus laid on expressive landscapes, while Gerda excelled in illustrations and portraits.

As Lili Elbe slowly took over, Einar pulled back from painting. Instead Lili let Gerda shine and gave her all encouragement she could muster up.

Many of her paintings and drawings were ekivoque and daring. She dove into lesbian sex, forbidden fantasy and BDSM play with a great sense of curiosity, joy and sensualism.

Considering Gerda was a woman in a predominantly male world i find her choices of subject matters on the brave side.

As you can see in the video below, the love, respect and support they had for each other was uncanny!


The Danish Girl

Gerda Wegener Reached Stardom

Gerda did indeed become a star. She was a sought after illustrator to the big and important fashion magazines like Vogue, La Vie Parisienne and Fantasio. Frequently she used her mysterious and  delicate darling as a model. In my eyes there rests a certain melancholy in those pictures. I absolutely love them!

Of course it was somewhat of a shock to the audience when they understood whom the lovely model was. Today society is changing fast and country after country is adapting its marriage laws to make sure people who love each other can obtain the legal protection marriage provides.

In those days it was not so. Hence Gerda and Lili were forced to divorce. Or rather the marriage was declared annulled by the Danish king Christian X. Since Einar was becoming Lili, the woman she truly was, and samesex marriage was not an option, it was the only way to go.

Out Of Fashion And Rediscovered

After her marriage was annulled in 1931  Wegener married an Italian officer. The couple moved to Morocco, but they didn’t stay together long. The divorce was a fact in 1936 and she returned to Denmark in 1938. Her luster as an artist had lost its brightness and when she died in 1940 she was already out of fashion.


Then, as happens so often, Gerda Wegener, was rediscovered some 45 years after her death. In 1984 a few of her erotic watercolor paintings turned up in some obscure thrift shop in Copenhagen. But you know what? I think her great revival is coming now, with the film The Danish Girl.

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