Hillary Clinton, UN, And LGBT Rights

IMG_5336The birth of this blog is now official. I have reached Human Right Recitals! This is my first post created for this category. Exiting times! 

I plan to post about my recitals, women composers, LGBT issues, historic forerunners, human rights,  feminism… There will be articles and videos and possibly sound recordings too. Well you get the picture.  🙂  But for today I’m kicking it of with this ground breaking speech in the UN by then Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.

What she was addressing at the United Nations offices in Geneva is still unresolved. It’s the same case in every single country around the globe! It’s unfortunate. Or should I say it’s unwilling? Because anything can be solved when people are willing! How willing are the nations of the world to create the changes necessary to make sure all people have their human rights met? Not very, apparently.

Hillary Clinton Gets A Standing Ovation

Hillary Clinton held this historic speech in 2011. Without blaming or accusing. Without holding the US higher than anyone else. Without making herself important.

Notice how she gets a standing ovation at the end! The UN is a crowd that have heard many a speech throughout the days. They do NOT stand up if it was not for a reason! Listen to the end, she is worth it!


To learn more about UN and Free & Equal follow this link: https://www.unfe.org

Where Do You Live?

What is the situation in your country? Please leave a comment below about Hillary Clinton’s speech and how things are progressing where you live. And haters, don’t bother, you’ll not be approved anyway!

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