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Alan Turing: Coming Out, Does It Matter?

I happen to think it matters – a lot! Somewhere in 2004, while working on an educational program for corporations on LGBT equality and culture in the work space in Sweden, I discovered an unsung hero: Mr. Alan Turing. I […]

Leonard Bernstein, The Closeted Icon

Leonard Bernsteinn

Yes, Leonard Bernstein Is Another Icon In The Closet! I used to say Leonard Bernstein was bisexual, but while digging deeper for this article I managed to drag out a full-fledged gay man. He was hiding deep down there under […]

Nadia Boulanger, A Musical Grandmother

Nadia Boulanger

As the lesbian opera singer I am, it feels exiting to introduce the composer, conductor and astonishing pedagogue Nadia Boulanger to the lgbt audience. Very few know that classical music’s primary influence during the 1900’s was a woman. In addition, she […]

Hillary Clinton, UN, And LGBT Rights

The birth of this blog is now official. I have reached Human Right Recitals! This is my first post created for this category. Exiting times!  I plan to post about my recitals, women composers, LGBT issues, historic forerunners, human rights,  feminism… There will be articles and […]