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Feminist Rant On Harry Potter…

Harry Potter Needs Some Feminism! Holy crapsy how insanely irritated I get! I know I’m late to the Harry Potter party. 20 years or so. But there is apparently a reason I was not drawn to read this to be enthralled. […]

The History Of Female Aviators

There Is A History Of Female Aviators! You would not believe how many women there have been pioneering the skies. But as usual, there is only room for one to be remembered (Amelia Earhart), while men take over the space completely. […]

Clara Schumann And The Cult

Or: The Undoing Of Female Genius In my most recent video (posted below) I use one of Clara Schumann‘s wonderful songs – Die Stille Lotosblume. She was one of the foremost pianists of the 19th century and made herself quite […]

Women In History Don’t Exist.

Women In History

When I went to school, way back in the day, I learned that women in history books, they don’t exists! Or any other books for that matter. Evidently it’s still the same. Books, films, performances, news, exhibitions or any media showcasing historical […]

International Women’s Day Gives Me An Itch!

For every year passing I get more and more irritated with the International Women’s Day. While living in Italy for a couple of years over the millenium shift I saw an odd custom. Women where being congratulated and given flowers. […]