Alan Turing: Coming Out, Does It Matter?

Alan Turing

I happen to think it matters – a lot!

Somewhere in 2004, while working on an educational program for corporations on LGBT equality and culture in the work space in Sweden, I discovered an unsung hero: Mr. Alan Turing.

I have no recollection of how I managed to find him, since his legacy and true identity were silenced for so many decades.

Why It Matters

So, for whom does coming out matter? Not to Alan Turing any longer. The English establishment killed him, if you ask me. None of all the honorary awards, statues in his honor and/or official apologies matter either. To him.

But, it matters for the young mathematician sitting in Iran, who also happens to identify within the LGBT spectrum. I do think it is of utmost value for her to have someone like Turing to identify herself with, just as I think it would have mattered for Turing to have known that such historic luminaries as Alexander the Great, Michelangelo, Queen Christina and Eleanor Roosevelt played on his team, too. (Mentioned in chronological order.)

The idea that it does not matter can only arrive from a superior viewpoint of who sets the rules of what is important for whom. And only straight people would say that, unless, of course, they are closeted themselves and desire to hide that fact, from themselves and others.

Watch my video on what staying in the closed does to you, and how important the role modles are. The aria I’m singing is from Bellini’s italian version of Romeo and Juliette. I sing Romeo here, with Cony Antonov at the piano.

Imagine All The Stars Coming out!

What could it possibly have meant to Alan Turing if his contemporaries had been coming out, too? In his favor, preferably with a bang! Just as Ellen DeGeneres has meant so much to Ellen Page.

Imagine the stars of his time bashing out of the closets to show their undivided support. If he is going to jail, we are too! And with them, the common person, on top of that. If the stars can do it, I can do it!

If his homosexuality had not been important to him, Turing would not have committed suicide.

Was It Suicide?

Some people argue that it might all have been a fatal accident since he was kind of an air-headed genius.

But consider, he was arrested in 1952, tried, and found guilty of gross indecency. As punishment he got to choose between chemical sterilization through hormones or jail. Could that possibly have affected him negatively? It’s a rhetorical question, no need to answer.

What a loss of dignity. Not his, his prosecutors’! He chose the first option. They could just as well have sentenced him to death. Only difference is he did it himself. Or got so whacked out he didn’t know what he was doing. No big difference to me. He was a secret war hero and he was PUNISHED for being who he was!

His chosen way to depart was possibly through an apple he poisoned (by will or accidentally) with cyanide. Very symbolic.

It makes me think of the apple from Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil in the Garden of Eden; of Newton, sitting under his tree getting the insight of gravity through the falling fruits.

Busting An Alan Turing Myth

And of course the urban myth that the apple of Apple was in homage of the said  “father of computers.” (The mother is Ada Lovelace.)

But that is a myth I will now bust for you. Stephen Fry once asked Steve Jobs if the logo had anything to do with Turing’s death. Jobs’ answer: “God, we wish it were.”

Oh, sweet dream…

It’s Contagious

Well, that is how it works. It’s contagious. Not the homosexuality as so many bigots tend to believe, but the courage to stand up for who you truly are. Courage is contagious, and that is scary for the establishment.

And this is the reason you should spread this article to all your friends and also support more articles and videos to be published here at Human Rights Recitals.

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